Net Zero. It is a very simple and elegant concept. The impact of one set of actions is balanced out by another to leave a net sum of zero. No harm is done and we all benefit from the activity supported by the balancing actions.

This guide has been produced by members of Max Fordham LLP with help from some of our collaborators to contribute to steering building designers, building managers, policy makers and anyone involved in the built environment through the process of designing, constructing and operating a net zero carbon building. We have set out the guide as a linear timeline to cover the stages in the inception, design and lifetime of a building and we have included a mix of background knowledge, design guidance, key considerations and tips to help increase the chances of delivering a net zero carbon building.

Below, you can find a recording of the Net Zero Carbon Guide launch event in November 2020 - a panel debate that focused on the state of the built environment and what needed to be done to meet the ambitious targets of carbon neutrality by 2050.